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il y a 21 jours

Training hard with the RC Hallwilersee for the Atlantic Challenge. I'm the guy second from right...

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Pourquoi est-ce que je m’engage pour Aide directe
In March 2021, I'll be part of a team of six people who will leave Faro/Portimao in Portugal and head for Cayenne in French Guyana in South America, a 6,000km journey across the Atlantic Ocean with no support vessel or any other assistance from the outside word.
The journey can take upwards of 60 days, but we hope to break the current world record for this stretch – 48 days and a few hours.


Aide directe

La Ligue contre le cancer utilise chaque franc récolté pour alimenter le fonds d’entraide destiné à soutenir les personnes concernées.

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«Lieber Steve, ich finde Deine/Eure Aktion extrem mutig und drücke Euch ganz fest die Daumen dass alles gut geht! Macht das Unmögliche möglich! Ahoi!»
il y a un mois