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For our english speaking supporters:


The dream of completing a full-distance triathlon (“Ironman”) has been in our minds for several years
now. What was initially impossible has now become feasible thanks to iron discipline and the support
of our environment, and so we will jump into Lake of Thun at sunrise on July 10, 2022 in Thun for the
start of the Ironman.
Many of you will wonder why the hell we are doing that? Beside the sporting threshold experience, it
is above all the mental challenge that drives us, helps us and above all makes us happy. " Every
training is a new challenge, every training requires you to master the breaking points".
In this respect, our project does fit into this charity campaign. We want to support people who are fighting through difficult times, be it as self-afflicted or as relatives of persons with cancer. If you also like this supporting idea, you can take part in this donation project for the benefit
of the Swiss Cancer foundation (Central Switzerland department). That's how it works:

1) Donate an initial amount of CHF 5 on this plattform. You pay this
amount immediately and it is also donated if we cannot participate in the Ironman for any reason.

2) Indicate in the "comments" how much you want to donate in addition to the initial amount. This amount will be paid after the results of the Ironman are available (10 July

a) Donation per kilometre
"Good cause, I donate the following amount per completed kilometre of Pascal and Dominic (important info: the kilometres of Pascal and Dominic are counted together
here, i.e. max. 452 km):

CHF __________ (amount) per kilometre"
(Example: if you donate 10 centimes per km, the total amount is CHF 45.20 if both run successfully)

b) Donation for undercutting the finishing time of 12h ("Sub12")
"Cool thing, as a further motivation I will donate the following lump sum in addition to the amount per kilometre if Dominic or Pascal completes the Ironman in a finishing
time of under 12 hours (for your information on what times to expect, see information below):

CHF______________ (amount) for
undercutting the finishing time of 12h".

Example: you donate CHF 30 in addition to the result from a) if one of the two finishes under 12 hours).

c) Lump sum
Good idea, but it's all too complicated for me:
I neither donate an amount per kilometre nor a donation according to the finishing time, but only the following lump sum:
CHF ____________ (amount) as a lump sum.
(Example: you simply donate a lump sum of CHF 50).

3) Whats App Chat: We will create a Whats App Chat for the event on the day of the competition (10 July 2022). We will post news, pictures and the finishing times as far as possible. Please indicate if you want part of the chat:
"Please add me _________________
(Name), _______________ (Tel. No. Only if the number is not already known to Dominic) to the Whats
App Chat".

PS 1: Of course we understand if you don't want to have another annoying chat or if you are a convinced data protectionist by now. You will also find out the final results by other means.

PS 2: After the payment process, you have the possibility to hide your name ("donate anonymously") and to motivate other donors by entering a comment again (amount per km etc.). After you have seen the results, you calculate the amount you want to donate yourself and pay in voluntarily on this platform. Remember though, the motto is
"gambling debts are debts of honour"!

1) IRONMAN facts and figures
The Ironman involves a total of 225.995 kilometres: 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, 42.195 km running (marathon distance). Dominic and Pascal each intend to
complete the full distance alone. If they both finish, they will have covered a total of 452 km. Kristian Blummenfelt, currently the best
triathlete in the world, completes the 225.995 kilometres in a final time of 7h21min (or 6h44min under laboratory conditions). For Dominic and Pascal it is their first Ironman, although they have already completed two "half-Ironman" (half distance) in Lanzarote and Zell am See in preparation. Their personal best times over this half distance are currently 5h36min (Dominic) and 6h28min (Pascal). We are very curious ourselves whether and if so, in what final time we will be able to complete the 225.995 kilometres at Ironman Thun.

2) What will your donation be used for?
Your donation will go entirely to the Swiss Cancer foundation (Central Switzerland department). The money you donate will be used in particular for the following purposes:
- the personal, free-of-charge counselling of cancer patients and/or their relatives;
- financial support for those affected to bridge financial bottlenecks: e.g. assumption of transport costs during radiation therapy or costs arising from household help or
childcare during chemotherapy.
Further information can be found under the following link: www.krebsliga.info

Ältere Updates
Warum ich mich für Beratung vor Ort einsetze
Schon seit einigen Jahren schlummert in unseren Köpfen der Traum, einen Triathlon über die volle Distanz („Ironman“) zu absolvieren. Was anfangs unmöglich erschien, ist heute durch eiserne Disziplin und den Support unseres Umfelds machbar geworden und so werden wir am 10. Juli 2022 in Thun bei Sonnenaufgang zum Start des Ironmans in den Thunersee springen.

Viele von euch stellen sich die Frage, warum nur? Nebst der sportlichen Grenzerfahrung ist es vor allem die mentale Herausforderung, die uns antreibt, weiterbringt und uns vor allem glücklich macht. Bei jedem Training muss man sich neu überwinden, bei jedem Training gibt es Krisen zu meistern.

Insofern passt unser Projekt nicht ganz so schlecht zu dieser Spendenaktion. Wir wollen Personen unterstützen, die sich gerade durch schwere Zeiten kämpfen, sei es als Selbstbetroffene oder aber als Angehörige von krebserkrankten Personen. Wenn auch Du diese Idee gut findest, unterstütze uns bei diesem Spendenprojekt.

Beratung vor Ort

Die kantonalen und regionalen Krebsligen unterstützen Betroffene und Angehörige wohnortsnah und unkompliziert. Nach Registrierung deiner Spendenaktion nehmen wir mit dir Kontakt auf, damit du uns mitteilen kannst, für welche Liga du Geld sammeln möchtest.

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