Warum ich mich für dringliche Projekte einsetze
Dear everyone,

In a bit less than two weeks, I‘ll be at the start of the hope1000 to raise money for cancer research.

Countless people and families have been affected by this relentless disease and during my current master thesis project at ETH Zurich, it has come even closer to me.

The hope1000 is a 1000km long non-stop unsupported bike race across Switzerland with 30000m of elevation gain.

Every single donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. The link to make donations can be found below, as well as additional information about the race.

All the best and thank you,



dringliche Projekte

Unterstütze dringende Projekte in der Beratung und Nachsorge von Betroffenen und Angehörigen, der Forschungsförderung oder der Prävention.

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CHF 35
James Lang
vor 3 Tagen
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Dennis Cliff Sarwin
vor 8 Tagen
CHF 20
Joëlle Schmied
«Go Gary <3 you can do it!»
vor 11 Tagen
CHF 25
Jessie Sarwin
vor 14 Tagen
CHF 50
Michael Erdl
«Hi Gary, Top Aktion! Viel Energie und halte durch! LG Michi»
vor 15 Tagen
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Michael Erdl
vor 15 Tagen
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